ABE’s Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

At ABE Settlement, fostering and maintaining a diverse and inclusive workplace is an essential part of our firm’s culture and one of our core values. Being a full and committed partner to our clients, who similarly value diversity and inclusion in their workplaces, provides ABE Settlement with an invaluable opportunity to not only achieve our clients’ desired outcomes, but also to create sustained working relationships that value every voice at the table. This professional imperative is an indispensable component of our firm’s success and enables us to provide optimal representation for our clients.  

ABE Settlement’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee works directly with the firm’s Management to shape the steps necessary to recruit, retain, and advance women and diverse staff. The Committee implements an annual plan for advancing these efforts through programming and sponsorship to create diversity and inclusion awareness among our colleagues and in the broader marketplace.  The firm is committed to offering professional training and educational programs to support our staff as we strive continually to build our cultural competencies, and use that knowledge to help us develop a better and more successful work environment. Offering our employees the most current information on issues surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion along with the opportunity to be seen and heard allows our firm to expand on its long-standing commitment to equal opportunity. 

ABE Settlement understands the significant impact of a diverse workplace to our growth and development. This focus is reflected throughout our firm on a daily basis, in our recruitment efforts, in our work-life balance practices, and through our involvement in various professional organizations and community initiatives that share and promote diversity and inclusion. Our goal is to work together to promote a dynamic, inclusive environment for our team and our clients to achieve the very best results. The firm understands that it benefits from a diverse workplace in which staff of different backgrounds can provide unique perspectives to our practice and pass this benefit on to our clients.