About Us

It is our mission to be the premier title agency in the Lehigh Valley by means of our commitment to providing high quality title and settlement services by experienced professionals who offer tailored services to fit your specific needs. We cater to real estate and financial writing essay professionals by providing project management start to finish.

We offer on-time and hassle-free customer experiences by:
  • Providing timely service in response to title orders so paperwork is ready for review
    well in advance of the scheduled settlement
  • Promptly scheduling a settlement time and date with the lender
  • Reviewing documents ahead of time and addressing concerns before settlement
  • Providing constant communication to keep all interested parties “in the loop” and
    immediate notification of any anticipated delays
  • Requesting preliminary instructions and charges from the lender
  • Providing an attractive and professional environment for conducting settlements
  • Processing payoffs immediately to avoid extra days of charged interest to the seller
  • Recording deeds promptly with paperwork returned to the lender and disbursements to the
    surveyor, title abstractor, HOA or Condo Association, water bill, etc.
  • Providing immediate record release once received from the lender

Note: We do not communicate directly with end clients without the agent’s knowledge.