Settlement Services

ABE agents offer settlement services with friendly service, closing arrangements including flexible hours and locations, competent post-closing services, and the timely return of recorded documents and policies. Our agents will create a customized solution to meet requirements based on the specific needs of the client.

Our settlement services include:
  • Closing Services & Settlement Support Services
  • Witness/Notary Closing
  • Traditional Attorney Closings
  • Centralized Settlement Coordination & Disbursements
  • Post Closing Review & Archiving
Additional Services

In addition to the extent that legal services are required, the highly skilled real estate attorneys of Tallman Hudders & Sorrentino, Pennsylvania office of Norris McLaughlin & Marcus, are available to provide:

  • Preparation & Review of Agreement of Sale
  • Document Preparation (including Deeds, Releases & Satisfactions of Mortgages)
  • Loan Commitment Review
  • Loan Document Review